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I'm Iacob, I work with people who want to slow down whilst speaking up for a just world that requires us to stay the course.

My methodology is based on the GROW coaching model and integrative presence: mind, body, emotion, spirit. I offer inclusive fees and a transparent coaching process.

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Iacob is an empathetic coach who can support you in getting a fresh perspective on your strengths and goals.

He coached me for four months, over a challenging period of the Covid-19 lockdown. He created an atmosphere of trust and openness from the very first meeting. Each session had a clear structure, making it easy for me to navigate through the coaching process and stay motivated.

The strengths I experienced in his coaching were his deep active listening, his ability to see the big picture and to capture the essence of complex emotions and thoughts. His curiosity and excitement in supporting my progress were truly encouraging. I always looked forward to our sessions and sharing my reflections and learnings with him. 

I warmly recommend him to anybody interested in coaching.

Dominika, Designer


Slowing Down

Build a practice of listening to your needs.
Working with the energy you have in the present encourages presence, calm and makes space for creative thinking.

Speaking Up

Learn to trust your voice, so you can speak up
Often we get tripped up in others' ideas of what things should look like. Make space to hear your own voice and let it shape your life.


Staying the Course

Learn how you need to work to stay a learner. What conditions do you learn in best? How will you take care of yourself? How do you work?


Who it's for


Planning a transition, managing the tasks that come with endings and beginnings.


Think through a big decision with someone who is neutral (as much as humanly possible!).

Bounce Ideas

Brainstorm ideas with someone who can be objective towards your choices.


Reconnect to your values, strengths, and goals in the middle of a pandemic.


Structure, and courage to continue to show up for your endeavors.



People I work with say that our coaching work feels like a natural conversation. It includes arriving in the moment as a means for moving forward:

The GROW Model

The GROW coaching model is a simple goal setting and problem-solving technique that runs through four different steps in a non-linear way: setting goals, understanding your current reality, identifying next steps and committing personal will.

Integrative Presence

I take your lead in working with mind, emotion, and body. I support you to acknowledge where you're at to support useful forward movement. Naming the now can lead to greater clarity, motivation, momentum and creative thinking.

The Coaching Partnership

There are two people in any coaching conversation, and both are responsible for making the coaching work. How we work together forms part of the process of learning and change. A well boundaried and respectful partnership contributes to growth.

Co-Designed Process

From working in human-centered design I bring a co-creation mindset to coaching programmes. I invite you to be an active participant in both how we work, as well as the tools and interventions we use. Doing this through open dialogue throughout.


Values as Coach


I see my training as Coach as ongoing. I combine a self-directed approach to learning with formal education. I reflect on learning from coaching through therapy and supervision. I believe in staying up-to-date with current global knowledge of coaching and thinking critically about my coaching practice and its impact on the people I work with.


I see the coaching relationship as a partnership and I strive to work collaboratively. I do this through sharing the coaching process and being transparent about methods and tools I employ. I share myself genuinely and expose my thinking process, inviting healthy disagreement and an open ongoing assessment of the partnership.

Diversity, equity & inclusion

I want to provide a space where you feel seen in all your identities and life experiences. I do this through actively seeking to know and value my own identities: I am white, androgynous trans man, Romanian, spiritual. I bring this in the coaching space, and I encourage us to leverage the power in bringing together our different identities.

Curiosity & Complexity

I value multiple perspectives, divergence and paradox. I strive to create the space for conversations that are open to difference of ideas, viewpoints, and the possibility of holding two differing realities in mind/heart at the same time. I believe in celebration as well as in grief and mourning. Beginnings as ends and vice versa.

Long-time Change

I believe there are elements of a coaching experience that can have lifechanging effects on our personal growth. At the same time, I believe that coaching can nudge us into 1% behaviour shifts that can positively alter our experience of right now. Career changes and personal life transitions are moments in time, personal growth is lifelong.

Planet Conscious

Our Climate Crisis is real and unforgiving in exposing deep inequality and privilege. It also brings to attention the relationship with our environment and other species. In a coaching context, it's important for me to consider how personal goals and development link into, affect and are affected by this reality. We exist as an ecosystem.


Coaching Offers

One-off Coaching Session

For those curious about coaching, whether as a trial or a one off. (£20-£35) Book

Coaching Programmes

I invite you to choose the no of sessions and frequency that work for you.*

Co-write a Coaching Case Study

A pay what you feel coaching programme + self-reflection. Learn More

*Example programme cost: £210-£300 for 6 x 1hr sessions
Across all offers, I encourage you to pay the most you can afford comfortably. This supports me to continue offering fees on a sliding scale.



Originally from Romania, I have lived in the UK for 10 years. In this time I trained and worked in the social impact design sector, working mainly in social enterprises tackling issues such as user-centered public services (FutureGov, Snook), peer-to-peer learning for a collaborative 21st century (Enrol Yourself), and amplifying youth voices through storytelling (Wadup).

I am passionate about depathologizing emotional distress and trauma-informed coaching. I find joy in pets, nature, and clowning.

In the last two years, I have been spending more time in Romania reconnecting with my family lineage and intergenerational trauma. My journey with inner work started seven years ago and since then I have been experimenting with numerous types of therapy and coaching programs. I certified as a Coach to support others to invest in personal work, which I see as intricately linked to collective efforts for social and economic justice.

I'm a member of the Association for Coaching and Mindful Directory. I am a Springboard Panel Coach with She Leads Change, offering paid and pro-bono coaching to women who lead change. In Spring 2021. I'm based in Romania and offering coaching sessions online.



What does a coach do?

A coach focuses on supporting their clients to set goals and take practical action in their career and personal life. This process involves problem-solving, setting actions, reviewing them and evaluating progress. The coach provides active listening, challenge, perspective and encouragement.

Do I need coaching or therapy?

There are some similarities between coaching and therapy. Coaching is generally geared towards actioning desired personal and professional goals. Therapy is instead aimed at making conscious internal conflicts and accessing and feeling to enable emergence of new patterns of behaviour.

What is your theory of change?

I believe we grow and make changes to our lives when we are seen, accepted and believed in. In coaching as trust is built, connection sustains growth. The conversation takes place firstly at an affective and embodied level, which then becomes the foundation for goal setting and evaluation. I subscribe to principles of the PTM Framework.

Do I have time for coaching?

How important is it for you to be in coaching right now? (from 1-10)/ Do you have the time and energy capacity to spend 3-5hrs per week on coaching?/ How will you manage the emotional/intellectual effort that is needed for coaching?/ Can you attend regular sessions and plan 1hr before and after each session to prepare, reflect and plan your actions?

What are your qualifications?

I completed a two month coaching course with the MOE Foundation in London (2019) and a half-day Mental Health Aware training with Mental Health First Aid England (2020). As well as a half a day peer and buddy coach training with CoachBright at Enrol Yourself (2017). Ongoing training: co-coaching, group coaching supervision; weekly therapy.

How effective is coaching?

I am committed to coaching programmes designed for effectiveness. This starts with co-designing a coaching programme tailored to your goals, resources, learning and feedback styles. Before working together we discuss how we will monitor our coaching partnership as well as the coaching programme goals.

How do we know we match?

We are a good match if you value working with all aspects of self i.e. mind, body, emotion etc. Read this article on how to know you've found the right coach for you. Check out this free course on Open University about coaching and mentoring and how to choose the right coach. (Week 7)

What ROI can I expect?

Immediate return on investment will be clarity into your situation and next steps. Short-term: Accompaniment, Perspective, Accountability, Re-energised vision, Encouragement, Creativity;
Long-term: Growing self-presence, self-respect, integrity and balance in relationship.

How will you find my gaps?

Noticing through active listening, picking up nonverbal cues, sharing what I notice, bringing this into awareness and conversation. Sensing incongruence between words spoken and body/emotional presence, and drawing attention to this. Taking your lead on areas that need attention, further exploration and challenge.

What don't you offer?

Tips (I'll share resources where relevant); telling you what to do (I will support your own thinking/ideas); suggestions (will be <5% of the conversation and only once you've exhausted your thinking); opinions (will share if asked to and emphasise our opinions can differ); self-disclosure (only when asked to, where relevant and within boundaries of our work).


6 months later

In people's words:

‘I quit my boring job! Coaching gave me a lot of confidence and helped me think about the options outside of the job. It helped me focus on the present and the future I wanted, rather than dwelling on mistakes from the past.

Our coaching work still gives me confidence today to pursue starting a business.'

- Charlotte, Designer + Entrepreneur

'My main professional goal was to become more confident in a job search process that I was going through at that time, and ultimately to find a job. The mapping exercises & visualisation of the existing skills helped me redirect my thoughts into my strengths (instead of worrying about the possible lack of experience in many areas).

I found a job 3-4 months after we finished our sessions.'

- Dominika,  Designer + Researcher


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